Table Grape


At IFG, we realize that finding the perfect table grape isn't just a matter of flavor and texture. For a grape variety to be perfect for you, it must grow well in your soil and climate, and must consistently return a superior profit margin to the growers and marketers.

This is why IFG has invested years developing cultivars that are becoming as well known for their resilience and adaptability as they are for their extraordinary fruit. We have added a unique world-wide licensing program that prevents overproduction.

IFG’s focus on breeding table grape varieties to please consumers delivers increased growth and profitability for retailers and growers around the world. With its breadth of exciting flavors and shapes with a full spectrum of colors of grape varieties, IFG is creating a grape sensation for consumers who are discovering that good tasting grapes can be an important part of their nutritional plan. 

Leading the Flavor


IFG has boldly enhanced the table grape eating experience by creating flavorful new varietals through natural breeding practices. We’ve inspired consumers with incredible fruit and revolutionized the fruit market. Our leadership team and global network of experts on the ground offer an unmatched level of expertise and support to our world class growers all around the world.

Our Founders and Their Vision

Craig, Glen, Terrie Stoller
Jack Pandol, Craig Stoller, Dr. David Cain, Glen Stoller
Dr. David Cain
Jack Pandol

IFG was established in 2001 thanks to the incredible dedication of Dr. David Cain, Jack Pandol and Glen and Craig Stoller. They believed in IFG’s success from the beginning. Their vision began with a desire to revolutionize fruit flavors with natural breeding practices. Over many years, David and the team have recruited a global network of loyal and talented growers – creating a grower-oriented community based on transparency, commitment, and linear visions.

Dr. Cain’s unique philosophy is always to be forthright with growers about each variety by describing its opportunities and possible challenges. In doing so, he and the team strengthened their relationships with everyone involved including retailers.

With Dr. Chris Owens, Lead Breeder, IFG is geared for the future to carry on these partnerships with both growers and retailers to provide what the industry and consumers want to continue our success as the global leader in licensing and breeding.

The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of IFG and through the company's unique offerings of flavor-forward fruit varieties and its global IP licensing program, IFG has transformed the fruit breeding industry in the short span of just 20 years. Our new facilities at Fruitworks | The IFG Discovery Center in McFarland provides state-of-the-art research to continue revolutionizing the fruit industry.

Transforming the Future

IFG’s New Home

Dr. David Cain at the old farmhouse where it all started
Andy Higgins - groundbreaking
Chris Owens, Lead Plant Breader

Click image above to view rendering of new facility.

The new facility, named Fruitworks | The IFG Discovery Center, will be the company’s new research and development headquarters and is located in McFarland, Calif. The new $12 million state-of-the-art research facility and breeding campus will include 27,000 square feet of new lab, greenhouses and business support buildings on 160 acres of land and will be the future site of IFG where we will innovate, create, breed and grow many of the new varieties consumers and licensees have come to expect. Construction and planting are well underway and expected to be finished in 2022.


Executive Team

Andy Higgins

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Owens, Ph.D.

Lead Plant Breeder

Van Kramer

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Maguire

International Commercial Manager Table Grapes

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