Chinese Trademarks

January 26, 2023

Dear IFG Licensees,

IFG is pleased to announce that the following Chinese trademarks have now been successfully registered for IFG table grape and cherry varieties in China. Considering both the transliteration and literal translation, we selected these Chinese trademarks which we consider are in line with the Chinese culture and convey the accurate meaning and image of the corresponding English trademarks. Recognizing the diversity of cultures of our consumer market worldwide is an essential part of our global brand strategy and reach.

IFG strongly encourages licensees preparing product for supply into China and when marketing any IFG varieties to the China market to apply the relevant registered Chinese trademarks together with the symbol ® (to indicate registration) to all packaging, point of sale and promotional material. All use of IFG’s trademarks should be in accordance with IFG’s Branding Policy and Trademark Guidelines ( Of course, the English version of the trademark can also appear; however, if the English trademark is not designated in the below chart as a “Registered Trademark in China” it should be printed with only ™ after the trademark name. We will send out further notices whenever any additional trademarks are registered in China.

IFG is very interested to gather as many examples as possible of use of all of its trademarks in all regions. IFG requests that you submit to it any examples of use of any IFG trademarks together with information concerning the use, for example, where the fruit bearing the trademark was exported to and sent from. Please send your examples and information either to your IFG Country or Commercial Manager or directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click the link below to download the PDF so you can copy the Chinese trademark.