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Breeding Techniques

In state-of-the-art laboratories and greenhouses, our researchers use a special process pioneered by Dr. Cain to develop new seedless varieties of grapes and new varieties of early-ripening cherries. Known as "embryo rescue," this highly specialized technique involves pollinating an emasculated flower then placing the immature seed in a test tube with special growing media.

It is important to note that IFG® is not involved in genetic engineering. Instead, we are taking traditional breeding techniques to new levels of sophistication and success. In addition to performing embryo rescue in the lab, IFG has more than 80 acres of test fields and vineyards for traditional plant breeding of seeded grapes and stone fruits. Each year, more than a million blossoms are carefully hand emasculated then pollinated with various genetically desirable traits.

As part of their licensing agreements, our clients have access to our fields and facilities so they can stay on the forefront of knowledge regarding our new and developing varieties.