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Why IFG?

Looking for IFG? This is our current site. We’re working on improving our site as one of the world's largest fruit-breeding operations. In terms of fruit, we like to find an existing need in the market, create a variety designed to fill that need, and then license that variety to a limited number of growers and marketers to ensure quality and supply meets market demands. In this case, we found we needed a new website and are working to fulfill that demand.

Since our inception in 2001, International Fruit Genetics has been guided by one simple but bold vision: create and develop the best-tasting varieties of table grapes and cherries on earth.
Today we’re helping growers like you, all over the world. Every member of our team digs in and works harder than ever. We are eager to provide vineyard support and help make sure our fruit varieties return superior results (profit margins) for our licensee/grower-partners with an eye on today and tomorrow.

Breaking new ground.
Breaking rules.

Our extraordinary fruit geneticists collect and analyze grape and stone fruit varieties from around the globe.

Our team combines and cross-breeds them to produce varieties that are remarkably resilient and taste … simply amazing.

Our culture of innovation continues to flourish. Over the better part of two decades, hundreds of thousands of varieties have been scientifically analyzed at IFG to reveal vital information about product yield, quality and flavor. We’re transforming the industry. One grape and cherry at a time. Soon, our emerging data-driven insights service will be available to all of our licensed IFG clients. We will work to make sure all quality control standards are met.

Groundbreaking Flavor

IFG’s lab and greenhouses are located in California’s fertile Central Valley. Our researchers use a process pioneered by world renowned research scientist Dr. David Cain to develop incredible new seedless varieties of delicious table grapes and early-ripening cherries.
Exceptional grape varietals like Cotton Candy® have received worldwide acclaim, generating industry headlines and captivating consumers on every continent. That publicity combined with our outstanding marketing support is unbeatable.

No Room, No Need for GMO

Genetic engineering is not what we do. Rather, IFG has developed highly specialized best practices breeding techniques taken to a whole new level of scientific sophistication. We have more than 80 acres of test fields where tens of thousands of crosses are pollinated (each year over a million fruit blossoms are pollinated) with a variety of genetically desirable traits to produce plump, juicy fruit that meets and often exceeds the demands of retailers and fruit wholesalers.

Our varietals delight the taste buds of today’s most discriminating consumers.

Licensed to Flourish

As an IFG-licensed grower, you will have access to our test fields and facilities. So you can be a step ahead with the latest developments on exciting new varietals. You’ll learn which grapes or cherries will grow best in your region, your climate and your soil. You’ll also have access to experts on the ground who will provide technical support including vineyard guidance with varieties and production protocols. We’re there for you from the early planning stages to full-scale commercial production and beyond.
IFG also offers extensive retail and marketing support, to strengthen your ties to retail grocers even further. Our marketing specialists will help you and your customers to identify exciting new opportunities. With their guidance and your commitment, your retail customers will fill their produce aisles with a wide variety of exceptional, flavorful fruit. And not just during traditional seasons, but every week throughout the year.
Finally, our goal is to execute more consistent, strategic branding worldwide.

Our worldwide quality control system monitors product quality from the seedling through postharvest and beyond to make sure every grape or cherry is grown and delivered to its maximum flavorful potential.

A Vision Begins with Visionaries

Get ready for more brains to pick. More ideas to entertain. And more amazing grapes and cherries to grow! Our leadership group is thriving now more than ever. As our growers worldwide, like you, continue to expand, so will our exceptional team. Our bold, dynamic culture allows us to produce anything we put our minds to, in turn, empowering our growers to flourish.

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and do whatever it takes to win the day.

If you’re ready to grow with us, let’s talk.

Our site may not be available, but we are. Please contact us with any questions, comments, business, and more.

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